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Perth Nails in Northbridge is the premier Eyelash Extensions service in Perth. We are be always trusted by clients for many years. The compelling reasons when you choose service , and we will advise your questions, Let’s go:

About Top 10 Beauty Salon – Paris Beauty Health Spa Centre

With our luxurious salon design and high-end equipment, we are confident to bring excellent experience to our clients when they are using our services. Our Salon is located at C2 / 134 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge in Perth downtown. Where there is the most considerable traffic of clients, we have many clients using our services. Clients give us an excellent rating for all of our eyelash extensions because it’s so light and natural as a natural eyelash

Artisan Eyelash Extensions working at Paris Beauty Health Spa Centre Salon

We call them the Eyelash Extensions artist. Because they have high skill, be trained and got a certificate, and recognized people from the state government. Therefore, our artisans can perform most of the Eyelash Extensions models: 3D Eyelash Natural4D Eyelash Classics6D Hybrid Lashes, … and the Eyelash Extensions designs suggested by customers.

Do eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

The products we use are the best branded and quality on the market. Glue (eyelash glue) is always guaranteed to be of the highest quality to keep the client’s eyelashes from 2 to 3 weeks. The glue will automatically break with eyelash extension and natural lashes still protected and not damaged after a period used. We always sterilize the eyelash making tools. The beauty room is always clean and good smell to help clients relax to experience the best Eyelash Extensions Perth.

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What is a good age to get Eyelash Extensions?

The best ageis 18 years old. At this time, Real Eyelashes will grow fully and firmly so that our artisans can easily carry out the work.

Is it worth it to get Eyelash Extensions?

The real value brought by a set of Eyelash Extensions to its kernel is enormous. During a job interview, the interviewer will pay attention to you if you have stylish and stylish Eyelash Extensions that make your eyes more attractive and stand out. Gentlemen usually don’t say it, but their like a woman whose eyes are charming. Because of eyes are windows to the soul, and Eyelash Extensions will help people look at you most sexy and more beautiful

Perth Nails would like to sincerely thank customers who have supported and trusted us during the past time. Our Salon desires to serve more customers in Perth and to bring them the best Eyelash Extensions in Perth.

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